Hearing Problems in Children


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Hearing loss in children- wow this is a very important topic actually.

If a child doesnt hear means he is not speaking well, he is not learning well, he is not communication well. If this keeps going on like that then it is a disaster for his future.

Mainly it is hereditary they are born with in, especially the deafness almost 50% of deaf children they are born with that. The problem might be running in the family it might be part of the syndrome- e.g Down Syndrome Usher Syndrome. There are alot of syndromes we can expect hearing problems among those children with these syndromes.

Problems during the pregnancy; its a very easy way to get problem in the hearing. taking some medication, getting some infections, exposed to some toxins. Prolonged delivery can give problem for the children during that time, they can get hypoxia (difficulty breathing) and that cause some damage to some of the hearing cells.

If we have a child born with total deafness here we have to go for cochlear implant. That is the only chance to bring a normal hearing to that child; provided that the nerve pathway is intact.

When the children gets older, the main cause of deafness is usually infection. The children getting more infection of the upper respiratory tract infection, ear infection of the (diadespedia?) and so on and they usually get something called glue ear- that is a collection of fluid behind the ear drum. We can restore the function of the normal ear through clearing the fluid from behind the ear, and we also do a removal of the causes of production or formation of the fluids, which is usually a big adenoid and a big tonsils.

Of course there are some children, they are not totally deaf and they are not willing to have the cochlear implant option, they can have a hearing aid fitting.Some children they do that.

And we have a full section of hearing and speech evaluation with expert people, who can diagnose and see what is the problem and the size of the problem and what is the best way to deal with that problem.

Treatment of the problem as we said depends on the causes, the early detection is the very most important part of the whole thing. We have to recognize the problem at the very early stage, so there is what is called preventive measures, globally everybody- all health institutes try to follow this- special organization programs for children also mums before getting pregnant they have to be immunized and mainly the teachers and those kindergarden teacher they have to observe this very early. Of course the family as well they have to do that aswell. Main things if we detect this early we can correct it.

So we have to imagine that the hearing is very much important for everybody but especially for kids.