Hearing Problems & Tinnitus in Adults


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Not hearing well- this is a recipe for depression and isolation basically. Just imagine an old man or old lady they are sitting alone, they dont talk they dont communication; because they dont hear well so they are really very much depressed and isolated.

Most of the causes of hearing problem in older age is aging process itself- its part of the natural things; we cant see good we cant hear good, we cant walk good, we have some problems due to the ageing. Viral infections can also cause sudden defence complete loss of hearing. We speak about trauma to the ear, to the head, people involved in road traffic accidents or anything, that can hit directly over the ear. Brain tumour or skull based tumour that caused a pressure over the hearing nerve, and that causes a kind of hearing loss.

One of the main cause of hearing loss in adult age is Meniere disease. Meniere disease is a syndrome- the problem consists of a very severe vertigo with deafness and Tinnitus in the ear.

When we talk about hearing loss in adults, we have to speak about Tinnitus. People feel like there is also something like noise in the ear, either one side or both sides. It can be like waves, it can be like whistles it can be alot of things. It is really very much annoying and causes severe anxiety and depression because it is persisting there day and night. How we can diagnose that? It is very clear we have to go for a full ENT evaluation and examination. We have to do a very thorough hearing test, including audiogram and tempanigram and some other sophisticated hearing test with the computers.

The sensorineural hearing loss, is due to nerve problem that cant be treated easily by any kind of surgery. The best way is to use hearing aids which most of the people they are rejecting. But if you do a good hearing aid fitting- it must be a good option for specially the elder people to use. They can communicate better, they can be part of the surroundings and live very much normal.

In some cases with full deafness we can do for them what is called cochlear implant. Its the implantation of a device partially inside the cochlear. Electrodes can activate those nerve endings of the hearing nerve and stimulate it and they can hear back to normal.

I can stress that hearing is very essential and important sense for everybody especially for human beings as they get older and we need to hear to be better and communication better with the surroundings.