Nasal Blockage


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Nasal blockage is usually resulted from anything block the airway in the nose, i mean from the beginning to the back part of the nose. we need a normal opened airway especially the nose to have a normal function of the breathing.

The nose is the most important organ to regulate the temperature of the breathing here- beside that our nose is the smell organ, if you dont have a good nose and a good opened nose you dont have a good smell and if you dont smell nice you dont taste- so its a sequence of problems can happen if you dont have a good function normal nose.

We have something called turbinate in the nose thats exactly the organ in charge for regulating the temperature of the breathing and inhaled air so if this is swollen more than enough more than usual it can cause blockage.

If we have a kind of- more deviated nasal septum either the bone or the cartilage, if we have some kind of sinus problem, formation of polyps minus plus if they have any kind of tumor either benin or malignant then we have to go for surgery- and these surgeries are done usually in the general anesthesia and accordingly we can use the appropriate options of surgery- depends on the problem.

We need a good nose and a good drainage of the nose and a good drainage of the sinus to have a normal happy life.

Allergic condition, infection, trauma to the nose or tumors all those can cause nasal blockage so we have to treat that by reduction of the size of these turbinates. nowadays we usually do it at the clinic as out patient procedure with the use of coblation technology- which is a very easy 10-15min job with local anesthesia without packing, without any real pain or bleeding and the patient can go home.

Children have what is so called a big adenoid, or a normal lymphoid tissue located, not inside the nose but at the very most posterior part of the nose, deep inside the nose- but when this adenoid gets bigger, it usually causes a problem of the blockage, stops and prevents the drainage of the nose, children also get infections of the nose and the sinus.

Blockage of the kids is quite different than the blockage in the adults, so diagnosis depends on the history and the clinical examination, and usually in our day we use the telescope and scopy is used for that, besides that we have something called nasal flow test we measure the airway passed through the nose- so we know this side is more blocked than the other side and we have the fixed data; normal data and we no what is the deviation from that. So, there is alot of new technology that can help.