Snoring and Sleep Problems in Adults


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Usually most of us we experience a funny situation with friends, you find them snoring while we are sleeping and that causes a terrible noise in the in the rooms. That’s really a funny thing and people start to laugh about it. But when you know the background of that, what’s behind of that, then I think you have to think twice before you start to laugh.

Snoring is the tip of the iceberg. Behind snoring if it is continue and got more severe accompanied by stopped breathing, then we are really facing a serious problem that’s called sleep apnea. So we have to address that as early as possible before going in a serious complication. Like sudden stroke, sudden death; sleep through the night never wake up. Heart complications, cardio vascular complication, high blood pressure, you don’t breathe well so your body is not function as usual.

The quality of sleep is the most important thing, so if you don’t fall in the deep quality, deep sleep. Which is really the very most part of the sleep, then you never slept. So you won’t survive from what’s called sleep deprivation. They are gaining weight, they cannot lose weight, loss of concentration, low work performance, excessive daytime sleepiness, they are tired the whole day, not as sharp as before, some of them also they also have sexual problems.

A visit to us with thoroughly investigation and questionnaire we can answer that if they have this problem or not. After that we have to put them in the sleep study. Usually we do it two level, either at home they take a machine with them home and they just hook themselves with that and that next morning they bring it back to us, and we can watch some of the data of their sleep. But other group of people they need to be observes while they sleep. We call monitored sleep study, which is really the complete sleep study that will measure the breathing data, measure the heart performance, and measure the brain performance, based of that we can expect the outcome of the management.

They have some anatomical problem, and when we remove that blockage either in the nose, mouth usually. The airway blockage will be open again and they can breathe normally. Others they have to go for other option; usually breathing assistant device we call a CPAP machine. Some other minor group we can recommend them some kind of oral appliances, just put something in the mouth which can push the lower jaw in front little bit and that will open up what blockage behind. Other groups they might get benefit from sleep hygiene program, just instruction what to do what not to do.

We have a lot of patient, they were very miserable, they have very miserable life, very bad relation, almost broken relation between partners. And after fixing this problem lot of people comes thank you doctor, I have my man back to me now. And that’s really a very, very nice to hear that from some people like that, you know. So as we said it is a serious problem but it is treatable, and it can make your life totally different.