Snoring & Sleep Problems in Children


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Snoring & Sleeping Problems in children

When you look at a child when he wakes up in the morning and you can see his face and you can recognize and realize instantly if he slept well or not. Happy, smiling face is quite important for our kids. We want to see them always like that.

Those kids havent had enough sleep- you can find out from the first moment. They refuse to wake up, they resist waking up, they dont want to go to school, they feel sleepy, drowsy the whole day.

Kids used to, with difficulty breathing and sleep apnea are rolling in their bed, they never stay stable in the bed, they have very funny positions of the neck- turning the head to one side just to open up the airway. They sweat while sleeping, bed wetting as well is very usual among those kids, and they resist to wake up in the morning.

Sleep deprivation in kids/ children, apart from those unrested sleep,it is reflected very obviously in their performance next day. Simply you find a child who is irritated- irritable, either he is depressed, stay in the corner or he is hyperactive, child is eating too much cannot control his appetite and usually shows a very low school performance they are hyperactive or they sleeping the school, they show low grades.

Children have sleep apnea or snoring usually as we mention because of blockage of the airway or blockage of the nose due to adenoid, blockage of the mouth cavity due to big tonsils, simply prevent the child from normal breathing. And that leads to this consequences of physical and emotional and behavioral problems.

We have to tell parents, that we dont remove tonsils adenoid because they are infected only, nowadays its more serious is the sleep deprivation and sleep apnea. It is really a very serious problem, that can affect your child’s school performance.

Alot of kids are labelled as ‘slow learners’ or mentally not fit not ok so we dont want to see our kids like that. Learning disabilities, learning problems unfortunately cannot be corrected when you find it late- so you want to find this at a very early stage and fix it as soon as possible.