Speech Rehabilitation


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Speech Rehabilitation

Speech therapy is quite important for those children who show either hearing problems with speech or even an isolated speech problem.

Speech problem is quite common problem especially among children. There is a milestone we call it. We have to know at which age the child should do and say- at the age of two months- age of 6 months at the age of 9 and 1 year and 2 years.

So if we dont see normal things with the children then there is a problem. Main thing if we detect this early we can correct it. So we can avoid one of the big problems that might face the child in his later stage of his life.

And fully adult people still have a problem because it wasnt fixed at an early stage. With children; apart from delayed speech because they are not hearing very well, there is also some stuttering problem, dyslexia and some signs of slow learning and difficult articulation and pronunciations. So, only through examination and full speech evaluation can tell us exactly what is wrong with that child.

So speech and language disorder is quite an important subject in our speciality and we have a full section of hearing and speech evaluation with expert people who can diagnose and see what is the problem, the size of the problem and what is the best way to deal with that problem.

And then we give recommendations for speech therapy by speech pathologist and they have a huge program to deal with different problems of speech; if its only delay, if it is a communication problem or its a result of trauma, or accident or surgery. There is different protocol for that; there are stutters, there are slow learners, there are attention deficit problem, some autistic children, and the speech pathologist he applies these programs. Usually we encourage the families to attend these sessions so they can continue to do them at home.

It is utmost important for the family, parents and teachers and those who take care of kids at different age levels, they should recognize the alarming signs and symptoms of delayed speech or delayed hearing problems at children especially. Because the early intervention we can prevent any sequence of that and can cure the problem at an early stage and that can restore the personalities and development of each child.