In addition to the testing and diagnosis of most of sleep disorders, we focus mainly in the management options of Sleep discorded breathing and Obstructive sleep apnoea in particularly.

Clinical evaluation

We follow the international standard for diagnosis of berating related sleep disorders include:

  • Clinical assessments

  • Sleep deprivation and daytime sleepiness questionnaire.

  • Clinical, full ENT / Oral / Dental examination include Laryngeo-pharyngeo scope, to detect site and possible causes of obstruction.

  • Sleep study to confirm the final diagnosis with test data.

Management options:

General recommendation

  • Losing weight

  • Avoiding alcohol and sleeping pills.

  • Changing sleep positions to improve breathing.

  • Stopping smoking. Smoking can increase the swelling in the upper airway, which may worsen both snoring and apnea.

  • Avoiding sleeping on your back

Surgical Treatment

surgical treatment of  sleep apnoea focus on the concept of remove the cause and open the site of obstruction this include  a full range of multilevel  surgical procedures such as:

  • Adeno tonsillectomy – preferred treatment in children.

  • Turbinoplasty, nasal valve surgery.

  • Septoplasty, FESS.

  • Coblation turbinate reduction and

  • Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP).

Non-Surgical Treatment

Based on clinical indication and patient preferences, non surgical treatment options include:

  • Behavioral Modifications

  • Weight reduction

  • Avoid CNS depressants (alcohol, sedatives)

  • Sleep on side w/ tennis ball on back

  • External nasal dilators/steroid spray

  • Oral Appliances like Mandibular advancing device ( MAD )

  • Positional therapy