Pediatric / Adult Problems

At Al Ghareeb Medical Center, we know that when ear, nose and throat (ENT) conditions affect your child, you want the right answers, team and compassion to heal them. That’s why our highly trained head and neck surgeons and specialists do everything possible to get to the root cause of a wide range of pediatric ENT issues while tailoring an effective course of treatment using the most advanced technologies and techniques available. And, they’ll work closely with other specialists throughout our large pediatric care network, including surgeons, audiologists and speech pathologists to help your child feel whole again. We provide full range of pediatric and adult ear pain, blockage of ears, hearing difficulties, throat pain, snoring, mouth breathing, upper airway obstruction, recurrent cold, nasal block, and headache

Rhinology (Nose)

At Al Ghareeb Medical Center, doctors who specialize in nose and sinus problems (rhinologists) treat people with nasal polyps, chronic sinusitis, and many other conditions. With the rhinology specialty group of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)/Head and Neck Surgery, you receive team-based comprehensive care for the diagnosis and treatment of your condition. Your rhinologist collaborates with internists and surgeons. And you have access to counseling, pre-surgical assessment, medical and surgical treatment, and follow-up care

Otology (Ear)

Otology is the study of a broad range of conditions related to the ears. Our specialists are board-certified in otolaryngology–head and neck surgery, and are trained in both the medical and surgical treatments of these conditions.

Laryngology (Throat)

At Al Ghareeb Medical Center, people who have voice disorders, airway and swallowing issues, or throat (laryngeal) diseases are diagnosed and treated by a multidisciplinary medical team dedicated to providing thoughtful and expert care tailored to your needs. When you visit Al Ghareeb Medical Center for throat or voice disorders, you’ll undergo comprehensive evaluation by the laryngology team, which may include a speech-language specialist with specialty training in voice and swallowing disorders. Appropriate treatment options are discussed and you and your care team decide how to proceed. Treatment may include surgery, voice therapy, medications or other procedures.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep and snoring disorders are extremely common, many people complaining of snoring and poor sleep regularly. An estimated 50-70 million people in the US have a sleep disorder. Fortunately sleep disorders are treatable often with non-invasive procedures such as CPAP therapy. Our team of sleep experts work to give you a better nights sleep no matter your age or problem.