Why choose the Al Ghareeb Medical Center

  • Senior German Board certified ENT consultant, over 25 years of experience, with special training in endoscopic sinus surgery, cochlear implant surgery, and snoring-sleep surgery.

  • Highly experienced two ENT Specialists.

  • Highly trained audiologist in audiology department.

  • Availability of speech-language rehabilitation in English and Arabic.

  • Use of the latest technology in the field.

  • First ENT center in Bahrain and GCC to introduce the Plasma-Radiofrequency “Coblation” surgical technique for snoring – sleep disordered breathings in children and adults.

  • The only ENT center with fully equipped sleeplab for comprehensive evaluation of snoring and sleep disorder.

Our Mission

  • We in the Al Ghareeb medical center are keen to provide specialized medical services meeting the highest standards in the field of ear, nose, and throat and sleep/snoring disorders in a professional manner and with absolute commitment to the highest medical ethics and quality standards followed in similar medical centers in the world.

  • We had the leadership to establish the first ENT accredited protocol for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep and snoring disorders according to the internationally endorsed surgical and non-surgical methods.

  • We can also proudly state that proceeding from our belief in the role of medical establishments in developing community awareness about the importance of disease prevention, we are keen to continue with the education and awareness campaign, publishing studies and research papers and participation in specialized medical conferences.

Our Vision

  • The patient is the focus of attention of the whole medical team who strive to provide distinctive medical services complying with the highest standards of quality to every patient across all age groups around the clock.


As health care providers, we value the inherent worth and   dignity of every person and are committed to:

  • Provide the highest quality of medical care

  • Provide you with information describing the details about treatment alternatives, including benefits and risks of all options

  • Respect your choices for the type of care you need

  • Establish a relationship based on respect, trust and partnership